Difference between Single Mandalana and Double Mandalana

It all depends on the use you are going to give it ✨.

The Single Mandalanas are super comfortable to use in and out of 🏠, they do not take up much space and they are easy to transport.

Mandalana de 1 vueltaMandalana de 1 vuelta

The Double Mandalanas are warmer and voluptuous, ideal for people who are cold, or if they spend a lot of time on the street or in a cold place.

mandalana de 2 vueltasmandalana de 2 vueltas

We assure you that whatever use you give to the Mandalana, it will be your faithful companion against the cold 😊❄️.


*** Mandalana: term used to refer to our infinit scarfs, a product patented by Indecopi. See resolution here.

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