Mandalana was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2016. Our first product was our Mandalanas, now we already have the intellectual property of them. We love being able to visualize something and create it by hand. With handmade products there are no limits!

Doing something from scratch is something very particular. There are no large confections or machines that facilitate work. The process, although simpler, is also longer. All the time, love and dedication of a person are put 100% in the elaboration of each piece.

Daniella Salinas, founder and designer of Mandalana has a great passion for handmade and healthy living. She is creative and dreamy. She love being able to see something she visualized in a product.

hecho a mano

We are a work team made up of older ladies, who with all their dedication and love for knitting make Mandalana possible. We believe in valuing what makes each piece unique, that is why EVERYTHING is made by hand. From our labels to our most elaborate products, respecting the process and dedication that each thing deserves, because we know that just like people, it is the details that make them special.

We want you to explore trends, colors and textures with us. We want you to love the experience of valuing what has been done for you and all that makes you unique.